How to Build a Shed

We are here to help you build a storage shed! Watch the video and follow along with the helpful guide below.

We offer a wide range of easy to assemble wood storage buildings in different sizes and styles, all with precut parts, complete floor and pre-hung doors. Wooden storage buildings are strong, durable, can be customized and shingled and painted to match your home and suit to taste. We chose to feature our 10×10 Rainier shed. Even if you’re building a different shed, most of the techniques used in the video and throughout this document can be used on other installations. We design our sheds to be relatively easy to install, however, if you need help learning how to build a shed, this is the right guide for you.

The construction of all the Heartland storage buildings is very similar. Even if you’re not building a Rainier, a lot of the same techniques can be applied to your building. The Rainier can be assembled using some basic tools and a ladder.

Typically, it takes about a day to build and possibly a second day to paint and shingle. The Rainier can be built using some basic tools and a ladder.

Tools Needed:

Hammer Ladder
Tape measure Level
Paint Brush

In addition to the DIY kit, you will need some materials to complete the Rainier. You will need some materials to level the shed site, paint, caulk and shingles. All available at your local Lowe’s store. Building a shed is easier than you think!


Pick a site that’s relatively level and doesn’t get standing water. Make sure you have at least 3 feet of clearance from fences or any other structures.

There are many ways to level the shed site. We suggest using some solid masonry blocks and 4×4 treated lumber. Use some cement gravel for drainage under the blocks, too. Take an inventory of the Rainier parts. Sort the parts by the area of the shed they’ll be used on. This makes it easy when you need to locate them for assembly.

Assemble the Floor Frame and Walls

  1. Assemble the floor frame and set it on the 4×4’s. Be sure to check to see if the frame is square by measuring diagonally across the corners. The frame is square when the measurements are the same.
  2. Here’s a very important step that really pays off. When you install the first floor panel, use this panel to square the floor. Place the panel flush along the floor frame and in the corner and nail down. Move to the other end and move the panel side-to-side. This will square or rack the floor.  
  3. Nail down and continue installing the floor panels. Now that our floor is built, it gives us a solid work surface to build the walls on.
  4. Build the back wall first. Since the back and front walls are tall, it’s easier and safer to build these while they’re on the floor. When the back wall is built, flip it over. It’ll be in the correct position to stand.
  5. Build the front wall and then the sidewalls. The walls should be right where they need to be for standing. Begin by standing the back wall. Next, stand both sidewalls and then finally the front wall.

Rafter Assembly / Roof Panels

Make sure you assemble the rafter halves the same for an even, smooth roof. The Rainier includes a free loft for overhead storage space.

  1. Build and install the loft supports and the loft panel.
  2. Put on the roof panels. Make sure you install roof panels squarely over the rafters.

Attaching the Hinges

The shed doors come pre-assembled with the 6 foot continuous galvanized hinges attached. It’s a great time saver and makes installing fast and easy. These give your doors great strength and protection. Plus, installing is fast and easy.

Installing the Doors

Center the doors in the opening and screw in place. Then, finish the doors by adding the door hardware. Finish the front and back walls by adding some trim.

Next, finish installing your roof. If you have purchased roofing edge and drip felt, add this first. Pick some shingles to match your home or give the Rainier an unique look.

Installing the Shingles

Install the starter row and shingle the roof to the manufacturer’s instructions. We suggest caulking, which protects the shed and gives you a great looking paint job. The Rainier will look great no matter what paint color you choose. Best of all, the siding is pre-primed making painting a faster job. 

If you want to customize your shed, Heartland offers a wide variety of accessories. We have plenty of space and it’s ready to last for years against whatever the seasons throw at it. 

Hopefully this article has helped you learn how to build a storage shed. If you need more help, feel free to call us. We’re here to meet your needs!